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Waymakers is comprised of the teams of Double Platinum Presidentials and 2016 Eagle winners Tyson and Jacky King from McKinney, TX; Platinum Presidentials Bryan and Norma Clark from Merit, TX; Platinum Presidentials Jamy and Kristin Skaggs from Tyler, TX; Platinum Presidentials Chris and Erin Phillips from Tyler, TX; Platinum Presidentials Jason and Joanna Crabtree from Austin, Tx; Platinum Presidentials Richard and Toni Perdue from Frisco, TX; Gold Presidentials Will and Amy Cagle from Tyler, TX; Gold Presidentials Tim and Tana Barker from Melissa, TX; and Gold Presidentials Johnny Lee and Tawnya Stanley from Midlothian, TX. All of us have a different WHY - time freedom, job freedom, get out of debt, travel, college education for our children, save money, charitable giving, generate more business for our current business, etc. Through Team National, we found a WAY to get to our WHY. Waymakers' mission is to help you find a WAY to get to your WHY. We are glad you have joined us on this life-changing journey!  

Waymakers University


Click the logo, Download, and Register at Waymakers Virtual University

INSTRUCTIONS: After you click the logo and you want to download the software only to start your 30-day free trial, just click the "download software" button and follow the instructions - do not choose any plan. If you are a returning user (already been using the old software), just enter your email address and your password and your trial will begin. Any time in the next 30 days, you can choose a single plan ($25 per month) or a couple plan ($36 per month for two users), enter your credit card info, and you will be charged. You can cancel at any time. If you have been using the software for some time, just go ahead and start the subscription.

Note:  If you choose the couple plan, you will be emailed a code that you will have to enter when you register your partner/spouse. Your partner/spouse will choose the couple plan as well. They will have to enter their credit card info and the code that was emailed to you. They will not get charged.

If you both want to free-trial the software, then you will both need to push the "download software" button and follow the instructions. If you are having problems, please contact us below!

To access the User Guide and details on troubleshooting, please click here

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